Color Catcher

Logo of the game 'Color Catcher'
Platforms: Android & iOS
Developed with: Unity-Engine

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I developed this mobile-game after completing my bachelor's degree.
In this game you controle a square which is colored on each of its four edges.
By tilting your phone you move the quare left or right.
To rotate the square you have to swipe in the corresponding direction on the screen.
Colored balls are falling onto the square.
You have to catch these balls with the edge of the square which has the same color as the ball.
If a ball with the wrong color hits the square, the hole out of which the balls are coming is moving downwards. If that happens too often, the game ends.
By catching balls with the correct colored edge, you recive points.
Catching three balls in a row correctly results in the ball spawner moving back to its original position.

This game was developed using the Unity-Engine.

Main menue of the game 'Color Catcher' Ingame screenshot of 'Color Catcher'

Third-party assets I used: GUI PRO Kit - Fantasy RPG

All other assets are created by myself using
Unity-Engine, Visual Studio, Blender, Gimp, Audacity, LMMS and GarageBand.