Mooney Island

In this open-world game
you can explore a whole island.

Color Catcher

In this mobile game
you have to catch the right color.

Block Game

A prototype that may have something
in common with a famous game.

Snake 3D

A little 3D snake game
made using C++ and OpenGL.

Piano - Education in VR

A serious game
that teaches playing the piano in VR!

Revenge of the Fly - The Movie

The movie about the
"Revenge of the Fly" games.


A first-person adventure
The story about an university student.

IShipIt - Battleships

Play Battleships local vs a bot or in multiplayer vs your friends.

Revenge of the Fly

The Remake of the "Fly-game", the flies take revenge on the spiders!

Revenge of the Fly - Classic

The original!
Developed as an informatics project in high school with Greenfoot/Droitfoot.