Mooney Island

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Platforms: PC (Windows)
Developed with: Unity-Engine

This open-world game was developed completely by myself.
I have created all 3D-models, code, 2D-Sprites, animations, sounds, music, dialogue etc.

In this game you are new on an island and you can explore it.
What will you experience?
Who are you going to meet?
How will you decide?

The game was developed with the Unity-Engine.

Screenshot: Player standing in the forest, mountain in the background Screenshot: Player walking on a path, light-house in the background Screenshot: Player standing next to a fisher-house, wind-mill in the background Screenshot: Player in a kitchen, chef in the foreground Screenshot: Player on a balkony

Third-party assets I used: NodeCanvas & Cinemachine

All other assets are created by myself
Code, 3D-models, 2D-sprites, textures,
animations, sounds, music, dialogue, etc.

Unity-Engine, Visual Studio, Blender, Gimp, Aseprite, MagicaVoxel, Procreate, Audacity, ChipTone and LMMS.